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How to prevent the hard drive full issue on Skype/Lync Windows Fabric :

What is windows Fabric :

 Windows Fabric is a kind of clustering technology, with Skype/Lync as per Microsoft recommendation to use 3 nodes in an Skype/Lync Enterprise pool, and in case you cannot use 3 nodes in a pool then you can deploy two standard edition pools and use pool pairing for high availability and fault tolerance.

 How it windows Fabrics Works in Skype/Lync:

 1. First time when the Skype for Business Server Front-End service “Starting”, the front end server connect with backend SQL server to collect the all hosted User’s Information”.

2.Once front end server finish collecting user’s information from the SQL backend server, it will replicate information to both  primary backup and secondary backup servers.

3  Once above two steps is completed the primary front end responsibility to write all new user’s information to the SQL backend server (like user create a new conference or add a new user) as well as replicate them to both primary backup and secondary backup servers.

 Windows Fabric location :

By default, Windows Fabric is set to create log files in this hidden system directory:

C:\ProgramData\Windows Fabric\Log\Traces

Once a log file reaches 131MB, it creates a new log file. Over time, all of these 131MB log files will fill up the hard drive. When the hard drive gets full it’s very likely that potential cause of your Skype servers crashing etc.

How to prevent the hard drive full issue :

Follow the below steps to enable the circular login to prevent the hard drive full.

1 : Go to run and type “perfmon”

2: Expand the data collector Sets

3: Expand user defined.

4: Click on Fabric Traces and FabricLeaseLayerTraces one by one.

5: Dabble click on Fabric Traces and FabricLeaseLayerTraces one by one and enable the circular login.

6: Right click Stop and Start the Fabric Traces and FabricLeaseLayerTraces both service.