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Activate a lagged database copy using safety net recovery Exchange 2013

Scenario 3: Activate a lagged database copy using safety net recovery

Step 1: Identify the lagged copy which must be replayed.

Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus "Databasename\ServerName" | fl *lag*

Step 2 : Suspend the lagged database copy.

Use the following command: Suspend-MailboxDatabaseCopy "Databasename\servername"

Step 3: Make a backup of the database and log files for this database copy. Copy the files to another location.

Step4 : Use ESEUtil to determine which log files are required by the database.

Run ESEUtil with the /mh switch: eseutil /mh D:\ExchangeDatabases\Databaename.edb

The 2 values displayed in the ESEUtil output are: “0x12cf” and “0x13c8”.

Step5 :Move all log files that have a sequence number higher than “0x13c8”. “0x13c8” means that “E06000013C9.log” and above should be removed from the server hosting the lagged copy.

Move the files to a temp folder in case you need them.

Step6 : identify the server hosting the active copy

Use the following PS command: Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus "Databasename" -Active | ft -a

Step 7 : On the server hosting the active copy, stop the Microsoft Exchange Replication Service

Step 8 : Perform a database switchover to activate the lagged copy Use the following command:

Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase "Databasename" -ActivateOnServer "ServerName" -MountDialOverride besteffort -SkipActiveCopyChecks -SkipClientExperienceChecks -SkipHealthChecks -SkipLagChecks

Step 9 : The database will mount and requests Safetynet for resubmission.

Step 10 Verify the healthy state of the remaining copies to run the command.