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Activate a lagged database copy to a specific point in time on Exchange 2013

Scenario 2: Activate a lagged database copy to a specific point in time:

Step 1 :Identify the lagged copy which must be replayed.

For example:Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus "Databasename\ServerName" | fl *lag*

Step 2: Suspend the lagged database copy.

Use the following command: Suspend-MailboxDatabaseCopy "DatabaseName\ServerName"

Step 3: Make a backup of the database and log files for this database copy. Copy the files to another location.In this example, the files have been copied to: D:\Backup Database name:

Step 4: Move the log files after the time that you are recovering to.

In this example, there are log file from 28-04-2015 till 13-05-2015.

We go back to 06-05, so move all the log files created after 06-05 to another folder.

Step 5 : Delete the .chk file from the log folder. Delete the .chk file:

Step 6:Using ESEUtil, you can see that the database file is in a dirty shutdown state.

Step 7 : The next step is to perform a soft recovery using the log files which are still in the log directory.

Run the ESEUtil with the /r switch: eseutil /r e07 /a /ld:\ExchangeDatabases\databasename\LOG

Step 8: Check the database again to verify it is in a .

Use the following command: eseutil /mh D:\ExchangeDatabases\Databasename.edb

Step 9: The database file can now be copied to another location and used as a recovery database.

Step 10: Resume the lagged database

Resume-MailboxDatabaseCopy "DatabaseName\serverName"